Offers and discounts

A barrel vacuum cleaner that extracts water and dust at discounts until the end of Ramadan

Barrel vacuum cleaners, capacity 3600 watts, 3 motors - 100% entirely Italian made A vacuum cleaner for suctioning water and dust, with a 65 liter tank, a reinforced plastic body, and an attractive design Barrel vacuum cleaner, 78 liter capacity, stainless tank One year warranty against manufacturing defects Shipping to all governorates

Freedom welding offer dwt 400 sv

With the offer of freedom, you are sure to win Bought a dwt sv 400 welding machine It operates on 220 volt and 380 volt electricity Welding wire up to 4mm In addition to a 4.5-inch 700-watt rocket, model ASM02-115 Also, a 13 mm drill bit, 710 watts, left and right, and short metal screwdrivers. Model AZJ16 Follow our exclusive offers

16922.0 EGP
Fuel & Diesel Pumps

Italian solar fuel pump 56 litres/minute Inlet and outlet 1 inch Operates on 220 volt electricity

27791.0 EGP
Italian laundry and cleaning equipment

Discounts for the holy month of Ramadan Exclusive offers on laundry and cleaning equipment Real discounts at Al Hurriya Company Breaking prices and discounts for a limited time Shipping to all governorates Order now

Italian steam and sterilization machines

Exclusive offers until the end of the holy month of Ramadan on steam washing machines Steam washing machine Sterilization machine Original Italian Laver products with warranty from Al-Hurriya Supplies Company Shipping to all governorates

Mini welding offer, DWT welding and impact drill

DWT 200 Mini portable electric welding machine Drill 10 mm, 300 watts, left and right, high speeds Drill model: AJZ10A With the savings offer from Al-Hurriya Company, you are sure to win

5990.0 EGP
Offers for the holy month of Ramadan, electric cranes with different loads

Electric wire winch 300 kg Electric winch, load capacity 400 kg Electric winch 600 kilograms Electric wire winch, 800 kilograms Electric ton winch Electric winch, load capacity 1200 kg Wire 6 and 7 mm 20 meter double wire Height 10 meters full load Copper files Shipping to all governorates

Ramadan discounts - Bosch high pressure washing machines

Bosch high pressure washer 110 bar Bosch high pressure washing machine, 135 bar At unbeatable prices until the end of the holy month of Ramadan Shipping to all governorates With a warranty approved by Bosch Original Bosch products provided by Al-Hurriya Company